The online fish shooting game

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I am pretty sure that everyone knows that the fish shooting game is a popular game. It can make money quickly and the jackpot is easy to get out. There are many players to accept. There are beautiful pictures, cute fish, playing with each other and having fun. Even though it’s an easy game to play, it’s true. But we have to study for information for playing games here at ทางเข้า UFABET . But the important thing that we should know that’s how Calculate your own costs before playing. Otherwise, it may cause us to be completely exhausted.

Think of your funds before starting The online fish shooting game

The first thing we have to do is calculating your money We have to look first to see if we can play in a certain room, for example, the lowest room is 1-9 baht or 5-100 baht or it can be a maximum of 50-1000 baht. These numbers are the price of each bullet. that we can customize before we go fishing with our own funds

If we have a capital that is only a few hundred But we go to choose a room where it’s hundreds. Or the tens digit doesn’t work either because our funds may run out before the fish explodes again. Because each fish gives the same amount of money. We should choose to shoot small fish. to accumulate money first for low-cost people In the middle of the game, you should try to move the room. Maybe even better

How to collect bonus rewards at the end of the game when hunting big fish

Once we have collected a large amount of money from shooting fish for a while. Then It’s time for us to increase the bet amount. or more expensive ammunition while hunting big fish To make it worth playing. And shoot the bonus body to win big bonuses. And will allow us to make more profits from the original itself.