Techniques for winning Dragon Tiger

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Techniques for winning Dragon Tiger card game. Coming to the point of this article and the part that you all need to pay attention to read a bit. In which to play the Dragon Tiger, you do not need to use a lot of funds into the thousands, tens of thousands. Because the minimum bet is only 10 baht.

It can do into a large sum of money comfortably as follows Techniques for winning Dragon Tiger

  • Focus on odd numbered cards. The number of cards in a deck is 52, and the even-numbered cards. There are 4 cards less than even cards, and Dragon Tiger uses around 5 or 6 decks of cards, so odd-numbered cards are significantly larger. But it must use a method of money to help in betting. Because the payout rate is less than the even number side as well (0.75 times).
  • reading the card Which will be divided into 2 types: Dragon card layout There will be a drag of the winning result in a number of consecutive turns repeatedly. Such as The dragon’s side has been issued 5 times or more. When you find a card like this, you can go down and repeat the dragon’s side. Or will it be a table tennis card layout? That is to say, there are alternating results between tiger, dragon, tiger, dragon, tiger. Which, if the card is like this, can continue to bet alternately.

The use of this formula is considered to be effective. Because it is read from a single card. Two great formulas to conquer this dragon tiger can apply to baccarat card games as well.

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