Simeone joked that Giulio should think about the consequences.

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Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has jokingly chatted about young son Giuliano Simeone joining Alaves on a one-year loan deal football.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego revealed to Diario AS on Wednesday that. His youngest son, Giuliano Simeone has joined Alaves. With a one-year loan deal, the consequences should be considered whenever he faces his father’s Atletico side. 

Giuliano spent last season with Real Zaragoza on loan at Segunda. Where he scored nine goals and provided three assists and returned to Atletico Madrid this summer UFABET . Before the club extended the contract with the player until 2028 and let him play with Alaves. The new team of La Liga, on a one-year loan deal. 

‘Guliano realizes that if it’s 1-0 he knows he won’t be eating at home for 20 days, 2-1, 3-1 everyone will be happy,’ Simeone said. ready to laugh 

If Giuliano had something to prove to his father. There is no doubt that the 20-year-old forward is determined to wreak havoc on Atletico Madrid in the upcoming season. 

The eldest son, Giovani currently plays for Napoli. While Gianluca Simeone played for Jerez last season before signing for Sede Tudelano. Segunda Federación level this season.

 According to reports, Atletico Madrid are preparing to extend Giuliano’s contract by an additional three years from the original deal that reached 2025 to 2028 and when the deal is completed. The club will allow the player to join La Liga newcomers Alaves on a one-year loan deal.