Rules and patterns for betting on Dragon Tiger card game

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For the rule format and placing bets That Dragon Tiger card game. It is a card game that counts the points like other card games like Pokdeng and Baccarat. It’s just the card that has the largest value out of the two cards. Between the Tiger and the Dragon. But for this camp there will be some differences in the payout rate. And more variety of bets to add to the taste of gambling in this era here ทางเข้า UFABET.

  • Do Bet on Tiger or Dragon will pay 1 time.
  • Bet on the tie side, the points are equal, pay at 8 times the number.
  • Then Bet on odd/even cards pays 0.75 times and even pays 1.05 times.
  • Bet on red/black cards, pay 0.9 times the same.

Each round, the bettor has the right to place more than one bet on Dragon Tiger card game . 

In this eye I have looked The card should be a tiger or a tiger, but the player wants to bet on another field. Therefore placing bets on even numbers and added red If luck wins all 3 bill bets. The winnings will be multiplied even more.

And if there is a 2x bonus symbol added to it. would not have to tell each other how much profit the eye will get But there will be in some cases such as If more than 50 rounds of cards are revealed. The table will not be open to play on the odd side. Black and red because the card counting technique can be used. Especially skilled players will know this technique very well.

For counting the points of the Dragon Tiger card game It is similar to counting the cards of the hottest casino card game like Baccarat. Which counts the points as shown on the face of the card, but it is slightly different because it is decided by only one card: Ace counts as 1 point, Jack is 11, Queen is 12 and King is the largest point of the game. This is 13 points